“I make joyous contemporary large oil paintings celebrating the beauty of the world
around me”
“I believe painting speaks to the soul like visual poetry, giving hope and joy and

Liz Goulding – Artist
Having graduated with a BA in Fine Art, and a PGCE, Liz has continued working in the arts as a practicing artist, and tutor. Liz taught A level Art and design and life drawing for 30 years, and now runs workshops and teaches private classes. Liz is primarily an oil painter, but loves to experiment with mixed media. Experimentation with media has always been important both to her own practice and the way that she teaches art. Recent work has been inspired by the garden and seeing the English Landscape through fresh eyes after living in Italy. Liz imbues the work with her internal journey as well as the places she inhabits, the images are more about the experience than a representation of a place.
“Painting is the absorption of all my joy and sorrow and the landscape of it.”

Clair Robshaw – Author
A self-published writer, Clair uses the pseudonym; C.L. Peache. She indulges herself by writing any book which her characters demand… including a horror novella, a travelogue based on her travels around New Zealand, Sydney and Singapore, and most recently a YA fantasy novel. She’s contributed to two novels with the Fosseway Writers. You can read about her writing journey on her website/blog
Clair is passionate about reading, writing and bringing creative people together and excited to bring a wide range of creative writing workshops to the secret garden studios.

Featured Writers & Artists
Delivering workshops in the studios

Clare Stevens is an author, journalist, and Creative Writing tutor living in Nottingham. Her first novel, Blue Tide Rising, was published in 2019 by Inspired Quill. She is currently working on her second novel. She runs Creative Writing workshops at the Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Nottingham.

Elaine Winter is a Nottinghamshire based artist who mixes traditional and experimental printmaking processes with other media.  Her work is based around investigations of how we, as humans, relate to each other, with a focus on the uniquely human ability to express empathy.

Bonnie Mitchell – Lettering Artist. Keeping the traditional script of pointed pen alive, Bonnie specialises in Modern Calligraphy using ink and nib. You too can learn this romantic and whimsical script.

Janey Harvey is a local writer and educator. She has worked at the BBC, written for a number of magazines and websites including The Telegraph and Juno, and taught English in Secondary schools. More recently, she has worked in Holocaust Education. 

As a former clinical psychologist, Anne Goodwin has experienced therapy from both sides of the “couch”. As a book blogger, she has reviewed over eighty novels featuring a fictional therapist, and writes regular guest posts for the Counsellors’ Cafe online magazine.

Fiona Theokritoff has lived in Nottinghamshire since 2002.  She started to write poetry about twelve years ago and has been teaching creative writing since 2015. She is one half of Wine and Words, a poetry duo who perform at Nottinghamshire venues and book festivals. Fiona recently completed an MA in Creative Writing and her work has appeared in magazines such as Mslexia. She has a not-so-secret passion for shoes, and loves working with people who are just starting out on their poetry journey.