Ceramics and Craft Workshops

Welcome fellow potters and makers! It is so good to be back in the classroom / studio!
Your choices for booking Ceramics and Craft courses are as follow:
Sign up for a full of half day course using the dates on the download document below.
(Full days are on a Monday or Wednesday. Half days are on a Saturday morning.)
Gather a group of 4 to 5 fellow makers and book the workshop of your choice on the day of your choice (except for Sundays)
A full day workshop runs from 10.30am to 4.00 pm. Morning classes are from 10.30am to 1.30pm.
A full day workshop is £65 and a half day class is £35.
Tea and coffee are included.
Please bring a pack-up for lunch or pop to Gannets just around the corner – yum!

Covid Concerns? We have hand washing and sanitising facilities at the studios. The workshop and all tools are sanitised for every class and I take a lateral flow test before every workshop. Face masks are now optional but I am happy to wear one if required – except during tea break and cake scoffing!

Before I forget…. Please remember that clay work has to be carefully dried then fired up to two times before it will be available for collection. Arrangements may be made to post your work to you on request.

Our ceramic and crafts workshops are now available to book. Please download the programme below for full details. To book: Contact Michelle on 07515735929 or email

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Ceramics: Garden Wall Planter or Plaque

With reference to Pagan lore and folk traditions, make a Green Man ceramic wall pocket or plaque. With very supportive technical instruction you will make a pottery base for embellishing with individually cut and textured leaves and berries. Your work will then be taken for bisque and glaze firing with a glossy green glaze. Suitable for the more confident and absolute beginners. (Full Day)

Ceramics: Folk Art storage pot

Using simple slabbing techniques, make and decorate an earthenware storage pot with Folk Art style. We will use terracotta clay to create a pierced and decorated pot that may be used to store your kitchen candles or wooden spoons. A simple glaze that breaks on the edges will be used to heighten the completed pot. (Full Day)

Ceramics: Pots on Legs

Following popular trends in contemporary pottery we will be making a pair of pottery planters on legs. You will hand build and refine a simple pot then decorate it with impressed and applied pattern work. Coloured slips in harmonious colours will complete the design. ( Full Day)

Ceramics: Jack o’ Lantern

Enter into the spirit of All Hallows Eve by making a terracotta lantern. You will hand build a terracotta pot that will then be shaped to look like a carved pumpkin. Scary or jolly, its up to you! When fired its ready to bring to life with a flickering tea light. (Half Day)

Ceramics: Cactus Pots

Work with terracotta clay to create a set of 3 small cactus pots. You will use reference to pattern making traditions from a selection of different cultures to create a set of three pots with scraffito decoration. You will make a pot using the pinch pot technique and will then apply coloured slips to the surface that you can then scratch through to make your decorative designs. (Half Day)

Ceramics: Landscape Plaque

Spend the morning collecting textures from our peaceful garden and make a landscape wall plaque with impressed detail and painted slips. Your work will be clear glazed and fired to stoneware so it can be hung outside or in your home. (Half Day)

Ceramics: Character Faces

Create a collection of small character faces for a wall decoration. Take inspiration from the work of Nottingham potter Guy Routelege. Work will be bisque fired and finished with a decorative crackle glaze (Half Day)

Ceramics: Delftware Tile Decoration

Learn a series of fine brushwork techniques that can then be applied to designing and decorating your own set of 3 delftware items. Choose from a selection of bisque tiles , beakers and pots to decorate. (Half Day)

Ceramics: Mid Century Plate

Inspired by the bold line drawings of Picasso and Matisse, you will design and make a decorative plate with slip and incised decoration. Smooth lines and gentle colour work will define a very elegant and decorative outcome. (Full Day)

Ceramics: Coil Pot

Learn how to hand build a pot using coils of clay and a kidney! Time travel by learning a making technique used by earliest man to create simple cooking vessels. Your pot will evolve and grow as you develop it. The surface may be refined with applied and imprinted textures and patterns. Your pot will be dried and fired twice before being returned to the studio for collection. (Half Day)

Mixed Media: Folk Art Christmas

Work with wood, fabrics, paint and glue to create a collection of festive decorations for gifts or for your home. You will have the opportunity to make a Folk Art Angel, Wood Pud and hand painted wooden tree decoration. All will be completed and ready to take home on the day. (Full Day)

Ceramics: Character Vase

People Pots are very popular at the moment. On this course you will be given instruction in two methods for making your own Character Pots. One hand building using the slabbing method and the other using extruded tubes of clay. Colour work and fine detail will be added using coloured slips and incised design. Pattern work using stencils and printing will create some jazzy threads… unless you’d prefer to go nude?!        (Full Day)

Ceramics: Slabbed Landscape Pot

Inspired by the work of British Potter Nigel Edmundson, you will be making a ceramic planter using the slab building technique. We will be using grogged or gritty clay to make pots with incised and applied surface decoration. Textures and colours of the natural landscape will be used as reference for surface decoration. (Full Day)

Textiles: Introduction To Batik

Experiment with hot wax, fabric and dyes to create a unique batik wall hanging. We will be using brushes and the traditional tjanting tools to apply hot wax to define your design. Design references will be provided but you are very welcome to prepare a design in advance. (Full Day)

Metal Craft: Mexican Decorations

Take a morning out to travel to Mexico and explore working with thin sheets of metal to create colourful decorations for festive events. Visual references to traditional designs will be available but this technique can be applied to stretch your own creativity. (Half Day)

Ceramics: Pottery Feet Plant Stand

Spend the morning designing and making a set of pottery feet for your garden plants. Make a collection of 4 feet to support an outdoor pot and allow it to drain freely. Designs can be as wild and jolly as you can imagine! (Half Day)

Painting: An Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting

Work with traditional Chinese brushes to explore painting techniques and effects. Work to create a series of small images to frame. We will work through aspects of landscape and animal painting using a range of brushes, traditional block inks and watercolours. (Half Day)